Seniors take health class with freshmen


Haley Hewitson

Seniors Nick LaRose and Spencer Krelitz walk to the North Building, where they take health class.

Aaron Latterell, Staff Writer

his semester, three BSM seniors are currently taking a freshman health class with Ms. May. Seniors Spencer Krellitz, Nick LaRose, and Frank Ma are all taking this class as a requirement to graduate this spring.

Though online health class was an option for these three, they all opted instead to get up close and personal with BSM’s freshmen this semester.

Though Krelitz and LaRose both took health class in 8th grade at their old schools, BSM requires that students take health class sometime during their high school tenure. 

Ma, who is a new student this year coming from China, had a slightly different situation. In China, Ma took a form of health class that also had politics intermixed. “I took a class that in English would be translated as a ‘thinking morality’ class. It was kind of a mix between a politics class and a more traditional health class like the one I’m taking now,” Ma said. 

After experiencing their first month of this class, these seniors have gained useful information on the human body and psychology, as well as interesting perspectives about their time with the freshmen. 

Senior Spencer Krelitz was even able to gain some perspective on his past self. “Freshmen tend to be very loud and don’t have much of a filter. It’s interesting to see this as a senior, as I didn’t think I acted like that but now that I think about it I definitely did,” Krelitz said.  

Larose was somewhat more blunt with his analysis of the 9th graders. “The freshmen seem strange to me. They’re all so short,” LaRose said.

The freshmen seem strange to me. They’re all so short.

— Nick LaRose

Ma also echoed a similar message. “The class is not awkward at all for me, but the freshmen can be a bit weird,” Ma said.