Alice Petty

Mr. David Herbst has enjoyed having more free time in his schedule since retirement.

David Herbst

David Herbst had a very successful career as a head coach of the girls’ varsity hockey team for eleven years before he stepped down. The team went to state three times under Herbst’s coaching, and one of Herbst’s former players, Kelly Pannek, went on to win a gold medal at the 2018 winter Olympics. “I look back on those memories and it was a really good time,” Herbst said.

Similarly to Krieger, Herbst is happy about stepping down. When the team had weekday games, the long bus rides through traffic and poor weather conditions would result in Herbst getting home late at night, only to wake up tired the next morning. After more than a decade of restless nights, Herbst finally decided it was time to retire. “You’re all wound up after the game and you’re thinking about what you did and what you should’ve done, and the next day you’re coming to school and you’re rundown and tired,” Herbst said.

Getting close to retirement age, Herbst is happy to be spending his last few years at BSM as a learning specialist dedicated to teaching students and taking advantage of his free time. Herbst likes that he is able to get home before the sun sets and have an extra few hours to himself. He’s also picked up a new hobby in his retirement. “Lately I’ve been going over to the rink at the rec center in the afternoon and skating in my free time,” Herbst said.

Herbst ultimately doesn’t miss coaching girls’ hockey, but that doesn’t mean his coaching career is over. During the spring, Herbst coaches boys’ varsity golf. Coaching the golf team yields a lighter workload and less of a time commitment for Herbst, and the golf season is significantly shorter than the hockey season. Also, Herbst appreciates coaching the team because boys’ golf is very different from girls’ hockey, allowing him to instruct a whole new variety of players. “It’s definitely a different type of atmosphere and I’ve really enjoyed it,” Herbst said.

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