Student athletes choose BSM over other schools. Why?


Courtesy of RJ Renk

Blake Mahmood pitching in one of his last games of the 2019 season

Charlie Deterding, Staff Writer

Over the past couple of years, there has been a number of students who have not come to Benilde-St. Margaret’s for the academics, but rather the athletics. These students have come for a variety of different sports and have come with the same goal: to make the sports better. 

 The lacrosse team has been a powerhouse around the state of Minnesota, going to three straight state title games. With this success comes a desire from many players to play for the best. “We have had an increase in kids transferring since my freshman year due to the success we have had,” senior captain Jack VanOverbeke said. 

 Junior lacrosse defenseman Mason Wordelman came to BSM from Blake going into his junior year. This specific instance sparks interest because Blake is a rival school for BSM lacrosse. “There has always been tension with the two programs, but I still chill with a lot of the guys from [Blake],” Wordelman said.

 Even though coming to a new school it seems to be harder to make friends because it is late into the high school game. But BSM has welcomed him into the culture with open arms. “I knew many of the kids due to summer lax stuff so that helped along with everyone at BSM making feel welcome,” Wordelman said.

 The decision and his play have also paid off with his recent commitment to play lacrosse at Notre Dame. “I just can’t thank my teammates and coaches enough. The coaches at BSM helped me with their connections,” Wordelman said.

 The BSM lacrosse goalie also transferred here at the beginning of his sophomore year. Senior Jack Keller came over from Minnetonka. “I really came here due to the prominence of the program and the commitment of the coaches,” Keller said.

 This decision has also had an impact on Keller’s future. Recently he has committed to York College of Pennsylvania. As seen before with Mason Wordelman the coaches of BSM were thanked the most. “Coach Horn is so well respected as a coach not only in Minnesota but in the country. Due to this he really has helped me with the recruiting process,” Keller said.

 Girls soccer is another prominent program within the realm of BSM athletics. Because of this they too have students transferring to play for them. “Our success has helped draw attention to the program,” senior captain Frida Fortier said. 

Our success has helped draw attention to the program.

— Frida Fortier

 Sophomore girls soccer player Maddie Shannon came here from Providence coming into this year. Her situation is unique because of where she lived. Shannon had to sit out of her sophomore year because she didn’t move when she came to BSM. Obviously, this was a big blow, especially for someone with the ability that Shannon has. “She would have been one of our better players especially the fastest,” sophomore defender Tilly Wolfe said.

 Besides the fact that she had to sit out, Shannon was sold on the Catholic education that BSM offers. “I knew I would have to sit out, but the education I would receive was the most important factor of coming [to BSM],” Shannon said.

 There is a ton of stress that goes into making a decision to transfer. But the fact that BSM is so welcoming really helped these student-athletes. At the end of the day, this decision will impact their athletic and academic future. “I know this is the best place for me to excel in all facets of my life,” Shannon said.