“Big Mouth” showcases the struggles that teenagers face

Big Mouth came out in 2017.

Big Mouth Logo, fair use

Big Mouth came out in 2017.

Emani Labon, Staff Writer

Big Mouth is a show on Netflix about teenagers experiencing puberty and covers various topics surrounding sexuality. These are sensitive topics that society often tries to keep away from children until they are old enough to learn them. Big Mouth is generally a good show that portrays the reality of puberty, but some scenes are shown in ways that make people very uncomfortable.

Big Mouth is very eye-opening because it shows the reality of how puberty can affect teens physically, mentally, and emotionally. It shows the cycle of teenage life that everyone experiences. Showing the reality about these experiences can cause many people to relate to those issues. For example, there is a character named Jessi Glaser. Her parents get a divorce, which greatly impacts Jessi. The show portrays the ups and downs she experiences emotionally. Divorce is something that affects many children, and the fact that Big Mouth was willing to tell this story will help many children who are going through the same thing.

It shows the reality of how puberty can affect teens physically, mentally, and emotionally.

— Emani Labon

Big Mouth also helps people understand that thoughts revolving around sexuality are normal and reasonable. It portrays body changes that most teenagers go through during puberty. At the beginning of the first season, one of the characters was confused about his sexuality and preference for girls or guys. A lot of teens can relate to this issue because many teens don’t know themselves. 

Sometimes, however, Big Mouth portrays certain aspects of sexuality in an inappropriate way. For example, there was a scene in Big Mouth where a new student came to join their class and she identified as pansexual. Many of the students responded in a manner that painted out pansexuality as dirty. Teenagers should have the right to feel comfortable to identify as any sexuality that shapes who they are. Pointing out pansexuality as something that is ugly can cause people to be uncomfortable with themselves. 

Every teenager goes through different aspects of sexuality. Big Mouth should portray these scenes in a more appropriate way so people can feel comfortable with those types of situations. 

Big Mouth is overall a good show with some faults. This show portrays some content in inappropriate ways to entertain people, but it spreads a message to let people know that uncomfortable things about puberty are natural and relatable.