The benefits of playing multiple sports


Courtesy of Nick Peterson

Senior Nick Peterson during warm-ups.

Charlie Deterding, Staff Writer

Many students at BSM have found benefits from playing multiple sports, which has allowed them to make the most of their high school experience. Other students choose to play one sport, which they find allows them to develop their talents for the future. 

The path of playing many sports can be timeconsuming, but these students believe it’s worth the jam-packed schedule. “It is fun to be around my friends even if it means I have less time to do homework,” sophomore, two-sport varsity athlete, Tilly Wolfe said.

Students playing many sports for BSM have found a wide variety of friend groups due to the diversity of people in each of their sports. Not all the same students are involved in the same activities. This has allowed the kids to be able to reach out and have a large social circle. “Playing two sports has given me a wide range of friends,” Wolfe said.

Some students also see playing multiple sports as a way to get more involved in the welcoming BSM community. “I transferred here, and sports was one way I felt welcomed,” senior football and basketball captain teams Nick Peterson said.

I transferred here, and sports was one way I felt welcomed.”

— Nick Peterson

Playing two sports has allowed Peterson to be around the school all-year and has helped him from some phenomenal relationships with coaches and other faculty that spend their time at school. “My football coaches are so easy to talk to,” Peterson said. 

Social life isn’t the only benefit to taking part in many sports. It also unlocks untapped potential that playing one sport doesn’t allow for. All of the different muscles being used in each sport correlate over to different seasons. “Playing baseball improves my hand-eye coordination and that also helps with catching the football and stick handling in hockey,” junior multi-sport varsity athlete Jonny Woodford said. 

The correlation also allows these athletes to never be out of shape. “I am always on the go and in return I am always in good shape,” sophomore multi-sport athlete Mary Zavoral said.

The variety of being a multi-sport athlete helps prevent students from getting overwhelmed or bored with one sport. Playing multiple sports is intriguing because it is not repetitive, the athlete doesn’t go through the motions as much. “Every season is the perfect length and I feel like each one is a fresh start,” Zavoral said.