The Walker Art Museum displays modern twist on art

Taylor Fredin and Phoebe Sellke

Taylor Fredin, Staff Writer

For the entirety of human existence, art has always been used to bring imagination to life and to express feelings, thoughts, and ideas. In most of the world’s current art museums, halls are filled with hundreds of paintings and sculptures, but The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis has a modern twist on the artistic vision.

The art within the Walker Art Center isn’t historic; instead, it focuses more on displaying the creative point of view of the artist and expressing a potentially controversial message. The way each individual perceives art is all based on interpretation and self-reflection. Since this museum doesn’t keep the classic and extremely valuable pieces from hundreds of years ago, they’re able to constantly change out their art pieces, so visits don’t feel repetitive. Their hands-on galleries allow people to feel a personal connection to the art, and make this museum an unforgettable experience.