Science Club makes a comeback


Sophie Dobos

Seniors Walker Niebergall, Ryan Norkosky, Nicole Strom, Faith Niebergall, and Grace Melin participate in a new experiment. Science Club is open to all students.

Sophie Dobos, Staff Writer

With its first meeting in October, Science Club is making a return for the 2019-2020 school year.

Senior presidents Ava Peterson and Nicole Strom communicated with science teacher Mr. Mark Peterson about reviving the club to provide “a way for students who are passionate about science to come together,” Ava Peterson said. 

In order to keep the club active, the club’s presidents are deciding to do things a little differently than in the past,  “We are going to have monthly meetings [and we will] make sure to elect people who will keep it running,” Ava said. 

Their goals are to provide fresh, new experiments that are not typically executed in science classes. “[This club is a] fun experience for people who like science,” Ava said. 

The co-presidents have made the decision to ask the members about certain experiments they would like to run. Their first meeting consisted of creating elephant toothpaste: a chemical reaction that occurs when hydrogen peroxide and dish soap are mixed. “School experiments are not necessarily what students want,” Ava said.

Science Club member senior Grace Melin took part in these first experiments. At first, the elephant toothpaste did not explode; however, once they added more yeast, the experiment finally took off. “The first meeting was fun,” Melin said.

This experience was the first of many experiments planned for the club. There are many more creative experiments that are yet to be completed. “Everyone should join Science Club; even if you do not like science, it is still fun,” Ava said.