Spikeball gains attention from students


Flynn Skahan

The game Spikeball has recently gained popularity in the BSM community

Blake Mahmood, Staff Writer

Spikeball, the newest backyard game, took our student body by storm this summer.

Summer, a time for relaxation, travel, and sports, has become known as the new “Spikeball Season.” Spikeball, more commonly known as “the trampoline ball game”, is now the staple of backyard games around the country. Any summer BBQ or graduation party is sure to include the new game, played by four players, three hits, two teams, one ball, and zero boundaries. 

The game starts with a friendly serve on the net to the other team across from you. Next, they have three hits to get it back on the net, preferably away from the opposing team. Games are usually played to 21 and you serve until you lose a point. Points are awarded like volleyball, you can win points on your serve and their serve.

Many of BSM’s students claim to be pros at the game, so let’s take a deeper look at two of the “Top Spikeball Challengers” of the school:

Name: George Wolfe

Height: 5’10 Position: Spiker                                                             

Favorite partner: Danny Mccoy 

Favorite place to play: Edina Play Field


Name: Max Benning 

Height: 5’11 with afro

Favorite partner: Mitchel Dokman

Favorite place to play: Mitchel Dokman’s backyard


BSM’s students believe summer is the perfect time to play Spikeball because they have more free time and easier access to three other friends to play the game. Sophomore Max Benning tried to play every day, while George Wolfe even made it a part of his schedule. “My summer basically consisted of eat, sleep, and Spikeball,” Wolfe said.

With the new Spikeball app, tournaments and challengers are just a click away. Players can set up a location – such as a park – for teammates to show up and play. Some of the tournaments even have a cash prize! Spikeball has also done a very good job marketing their game through many social media platforms. “I follow @Spikeball on Instagram, but before that I played with my older brother and his friends,” Benning said. 

Spikeball has used a wide range of methods to get their name into the mouths of competitors. “My older brother and I first saw the game on shark tank a long time ago,” Wolfe said.

My older brother and I first saw the game on shark tank a long time ago”

— George Wolfe

While having the urge to spike every ball, only the elite players can wisely use range, spin, and pockets. The proper Spikeball attire has been much debated by competitors this summer, but top performers prefer to play without shoes. Wolfe believes that the lack of shoes and shirt allows him to feel the world around him. “Playing with bare feet is a necessity,” Benning said. 

Even though fall is well under way, bickering about matches between challengers from the summer can still be heard. “It dictated and controlled my summer, Spikeball games came before my family in most instances,” said junior George Wolfe.