Religion department implements adoration


Nicole Miller

BSM students spend time in the chapel during adoration.

Nicole Miller, Staff Writer

Adoration has been around for thousands of years and dates back to ancient Catholic history. Parishes have continued this common practice by keeping churches open 24/7, allowing members of the parish to go in and out of adoration whenever they choose. Two years ago the Theology Department was inspired to bring this practice to the BSM community. Adoration has created the opportunity for faculty, staff, and students to take time out of their day to spend time in the chapel to reflect and pray. 

Adoration is available once a month in the chapel, set up for 40-minute periods so that religion classes can come in and out whenever they wish and spend as much time as they desire. Additionally, teachers and faculty are welcome to stop by whenever they want. During final exams week, adoration is available every single day for students to take some extra time to relax and pray about their upcoming exams. “Adoration allows people to relax and connect with God,” Matt Brounstein said.

Adoration allows people to relax and connect with God”

— Matthew Brounstein

To prepare for adoration, parents and faculty create a SignUpGenius to volunteer, seeing an adult is required to be present at all times. Any Eucharisitc Minister is allowed to take the monstrance out and begin adoration.“Adoration is a no brainer seeing as it has such a great impact on the students, giving them a chance to destress by connecting with God in silence. Students’ lives are so busy nowadays so it beneficial for them to catch a breath and be with God,” Brounstein said.

Some of the other options for student prayer and reflection include monthly all-school mass, Reconciliation, weekly rosaries, and before school prayer with Mike Jeremiah on Fridays. “All students who haven’t participated are urged to give it a try,” Brounstein said.