Just one freshman plays on varsity volleyball team


Flynn Skahan

Lily is the only freshman on the girls varsity volleyball team.

Sophie Ludwig, Social Media Manager

This year, the volleyball roster is a little different than usual. The volleyball team only has one freshman––Lily Eigner, which only having one freshman on the team brings a different dynamic to the team.

The BSM Volleyball team made an exception this year with adding Eigner to the team. The team usually only consists of upperclassman plus sophomores. Lily Eigner was surprised to be on the team knowing how the teams were created in the past. “I wasn’t expecting to be on varsity considering they usually don’t take any freshman,“ Eigner said. 

Lily Eigner who is an outside hitter has the privilege of working with all upperclamates. It has been an advantage for Lily Eigner–– assisting her game and growth as a player.  “I like working with the upperclassmen because they don’t treat me like a little kid and they have helped me a lot coming into high school. It’s very fun to play at a faster pace and with the older girls. They push me to try and get better every day,” Eigner said.

Working with upperclassmen comes with more advantages than just improving your game. It helped Lily Eigner with her social life as well. Coming into a new school can be intimidating as it is, but knowing that your teammates are there to help guide you, is a huge perk. “I love it [being on Varsity]. It has helped me meet a lot of new people in the school,” Eigner said.  

I love it [being on Varsity]. It has helped me meet a lot of new people in the school

— Lily Eigner

As the BSM Volleyball team is in mid-season they are doing well with a winning record. They overcame their losing streak of three losses against Wayzata, Kasson- Mantorville, and Hutchinson but, Lily Eigner believes there is still improvement needed. “It’s going well but it could be better. We still have a long way to go,” Eigner said.