Ultimate adds teams


Photo courtesy of Paula Rahill

Spencer Plut and Tory Hatcher catch the disc at Ultimate practice. This year the team has add new teams.

Connor Rahill, Staff Writer

BSM’s Ultimate Frisbee program is undergoing some changes this year. There is a new co-ed team that will play during the fall, as well as a new JV team being added to the boys’ spring season to make room for the large influx of Ultimate players.

The co-ed squad is led by out-of-the-building coaches Ryan McDonald, Nate Moore, Kelsey Mueller, Martha Lien, and math teacher Mr. John Groess, self-proclaimed Head Recruiter of the Ultimate Frisbee Program. The captains of the team are sophomores Emily Zagaros, Katherine Foe, Conner Couture, and senior Alice Petty.

This team was added because of the students’ high demand to play Ultimate more often throughout the year. The coaches also wanted new players to use this season to try Ultimate for the first time to see if they enjoy it. Groess hopes players will improve their skills while also having fun on the field. “We’re not as worried about trying to be competitive as we are about just trying to give more people opportunities to play,” Groess said.

Groess would also like players to experience what it’s like to play a co-ed sport. “It’s one of the few times… at BSM that they can play co-ed on the same field as somebody of the other gender,” Groess said.

We’re not as worried about trying to be competitive as we are about just trying to give more people opportunities to play.”

— John Groess

However, the co-ed aspect of the game can lead to some players not getting enough playing time, or playing too much and getting worn out. There have to be three girls and three boys playing on each team at a time, and this can be a problem if there are more girls or boys available to play at a game. “It makes it hard when only, like, three girls show up to a game, and there’s eight guys, so the girls get tired by the end of the game,” junior Johan Dominguez-Lopez said.

For the spring season, the varsity team will be joined by a new JV lineup led by coaches McDonald and Moore, as well as captain Dominguez-Lopez. The JV team was added because there was consistent growth in BSM’s Ultimate program, and the coaches wanted to give the incoming athletes more playing time. “We were struggling to get everyone a lot of playing time, so we want to make sure that everyone who is getting signed up has a chance to play,” McDonald, who commonly goes by Coach Ryan, said.

While the varsity team will be concentrated on gathering committed and exceptionally skilled players who are willing to engage in Ultimate as their primary sport, the JV team will be more relaxed and will focus on giving players even playing time, having fun, and learning the sport. “If you just want to do Ultimate as a fun, second thing to do or if you have friends on the team, then JV is a good spot,” McDonald said.