Transferring as an upperclassman brings nerves and excitement


Seamus Foley

Bella Bennett, Mason Wordelman, Grant Ellings, and Francesca Near all transferred to BSM this school year.

Seamus Foley, Staff Writer

This fall, BSM saw a whole class of new freshmen but also welcomed fourteen transfer students in grades 10-12 enter its halls for the first time.

While each student transferred for a different reason, whether academic, athletic or otherwise, all agree that the community BSM has accepted them with open arms and support. Many feel welcomed and comfortable in the BSM hallways even after only a few weeks

After spending 12 years at Providence, junior Grant Ellings was nervous on his first day at BSM. But only after just a couple of weeks at BSM, Ellings feels super comfortable and has adjusted quite remarkably to BSM. “All of the hockey guys have been really inclusive and welcoming so far,” Ellings, who plans to play hockey at BSM, said.

Junior Francesca Near, who transferred from Holy Angels, has made the switch look easy. Knowing students at BSM before she came has made the change almost seamless for her. Though the transition has had its difficulties, “Some of my classes are just seniors so that can be a little awkward,” Near said.

Once outside the classroom, Near really enjoys seeing all of the faces of BSM around the halls. That has eased some of the stress of having classes full of seniors. “It is really nice seeing new faces as well as my friends around the halls,” Near said.

I came to be a part of a great school culture that values itself as a whole rather than individual accomplishments.

— Mason Wordelman

Senior Bella Bennett has adjusted to BSM a lot better than she thought she would. Her friends have helped make the transition a lot easier than expected. “My old school wasn’t a very good fit for me, and I wanted a new and more serious learning environment,” Bennett, who transferred from Washburn, said.

One thing that can be really attractive to transfer students about BSM is the learning environment and programs. Bennett has found the learning environment a place of comfort. Specifically citing Mr. Jeff Fix’s teaching style and the sense of humor, Bennet enjoys the classes that encourage her to work hard at school while having fun at the same time. “[I looked forward to] the academics because I wanted a better learning environment,” Bennet said.

One thing that can be a struggle for transfer students is the change in rules. For junior Mason Wordelman, who came to play lacrosse, the hardest part about moving from Blake to BSM has been how different some of the rules are. “[It’s strange] not being able to use your phone during the school day,” Wordelman said.

Though BSM might seem like a small school, its size can also be intimidating for some transfers. “I was nervous with how much bigger BSM is then Blake,” Wordelman said.

New students will without a doubt have struggles at a new school. BSM’s culture is exactly what draws some students here. “I came to be a part of a great school culture that values itself as a whole rather than individual accomplishments,” Wordelman said.