Senior collects Kirby merchandise like a super fan

With 70 Kirby action figures, , senior Ian Wong has a collection like no other.


Photo Courtesy of Ian Wong

Senior Ian Wong proudly displays his 70-piece Kirby collection.

Matthew Nachbor, Staff Writer

Throughout the years of Nintendo, gamers and fans alike have come to love the small, pink character known as Kirby\; but no one loves him more than BSM senior Ian Wong who has a 70 piece collection dedicated solely to Kirby.

You could say Wong is a Kirby Super Fan. “Kirby has always been my favorite action figure. I first started watching him on TV every Saturday and then gradually my fandom grew and grew through the show and video games,” Wong said.

Although Wong’s love for Kirby started years before, his action figure collection only started two years ago. “I was inspired to start collecting Kirby action figures because my sister got a knockoff version, so I decided to get a real one, and I was intrigued with the way it moved and looked,” Wong said.

I buy them because I like them, not to make money from them.”

— Ian Wong

While the idea of collecting Kirby action figures seems bizarre to the average person, there are plenty of people who are enthralled with the idea of collecting Kirbys. Kirby figures came on the market two years ago and ever since, they have taken off, becoming a known specimen to the collector world. According to, Kirby is a rare collectible: “Since Kirby’s a Japanese collector’s figure, he’s more expensive and difficult to find than your usual action figures.”

As of right now, Wong owns 70 Kirby collectibles ranging anywhere from the rare Nendoroid Kirby that comes with magnetic interchangeable parts and faces to the classic Kirby action figure. His collection is worth nearly 1,000 dollars, but Wong doesn’t plan on selling anytime soon. “I buy them because I like them, not to make money from them,” Wong said.