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Senior Sally Calengor has had a wonderful high school experience at BSM but says she is very excited for what her future holds.

Val: Sally Calengor

Not only is she the captain of two very successful sports teams at BSM, a part of many time-consuming clubs, and enrolled in some of the most rigorous classes offered at BSM, Sally Calengor has been able to keep a 4.0 and a positive attitude through it all. “Academics have always been my main priority, they’ve always been something I’ve strived to excel in,” Calengor said.

Being valedictorian was never something Calengor expected to happen, but when she realized it was possible, she felt very motivated. “It’s definitely something that is very stressful but it’s also very rewarding when you come to the end of a difficult semester, and you know that you were able to maintain something that you worked so hard for and you look back and smile because your work has paid off,” Calengor said.

As a freshman, she thought it was pretty simple keeping her grades up, but as she began to immerse herself in the countless extracurriculars offered by BSM, it became more challenging with each new year. “It’s a lot, but once you get into the routine of it, it just becomes what you do everyday. You get it done, and then you wake up the next morning, and do it all again,” Calengor said.

Calengor is the captain of both hockey and lacrosse and is involved in many clubs such as Link Crew and NHS. Balancing all of them and working to maintain a social life has become a routine, but it wasn’t always that easy. “Balancing the three of them became a routine––it just takes practice, it takes a lot of time management and dedication but you can get it done. I don’t feel that my social life has suffered in the long run,” Calengor said.

As she is entering college with an undeclared major, the future holds no bounds for Calengor. “I am going to the college of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia this fall. Knowing where I’m going next year is a very new feeling, probably because I decided one day before decision day. I’m going in undeclared but as of right now I’m thinking of doing a double [major] in sociology with a concentration in criminology and international relations with the goal of ending up in DC somewhere,” she said.

Though it is clear that Calengor has her act together, there are still some things she wishes she would’ve known when she started high school at BSM. “I would definitely tell my freshman self to take it easy. You’re going to be fine and just be okay with yourself, there’s nothing wrong with you whether you look different or act different or your priorities aren’t the same and you feel left out because you don’t like to do the same things as everybody else. It doesn’t matter because you’re going to be you and you’re going to be fine,” Calengor said.

Calengor has had a wonderful high school experience at BSM but says she is very excited for what her future holds.

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