In the world of cartoons, new isn’t better

Myrka Zambrano, Staff Writer

I’d never thought old things were better than the new… until I got older.

I’d never thought old things were better than the new… until I got older.”

— Myrka Zambrano

With the recent release of an animated remake of The Grinch came my disappointment in those members of my family that were younger than me. Because while having heard of The Grinch through books they’d read as even younger versions of themselves, they had never seen The Grinch movie, and I mean the original one. While I have nothing against the new Grinch movie, I’ve begun to see a trend: the cartoons and shows that I cherished as a kid have been modernized or remade, and because of this, they have been ruined.

The most recent remake and possibly the one I am most disappointed in is the remake of Scooby Doo. They have completely changed the appearance of the characters. I am not opposed to the fact that this makes them seem like softer and more realistic cartoons; what I am opposed to, however, is the fact that their new appearances make the characters appear, how should I say this? Dumb.

The newest version of the cartoon has widened the characters’ eyes and made them look like they’ve all gone through at least 50 different facial surgeries. You really just have to look at the before and after pictures to understand.

The appearance of the characters isn’t the only thing that has changed for the worst. It seems that the content of our cartoons is also changing. As a person who grew up watching Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, Phineas and Ferb, Caillou, Pink Panther, and SpongeBob SquarePants, I am astounded, and at times even offended, by the little effort cartoonists are putting into their works nowadays. With the new releases of O.K KO! Let’s Be Heroes, Star vs. The Forces of Evil, Steven Universe, and many more I find myself more and more disappointed with the contents of the cartoons. While the “old” cartoons were plain innocent comedy, new cartoons rely on violence, jokes that are far below the intellectual capabilities of its viewers, and just plain actions that exhibit nothing but stupidity.

Finally, I hate that there’s never a moral of the story. Instead of using cartoons to educate kids, the content consists of, as I’ve stated earlier, pure stupidity. So all I’m saying is cartoonists can do better than that.