BSM launches new sports website


Maddie Kurtovich

BSM student explores the new sports website.

Brooks Carver, Staff Writer

Recently, Benilde-St. Margaret’s launched a new website dedicated exclusively to BSM athletics.

At BSM, more than 90% of the students participate in a sport or an extracurricular activity. Across all 20 athletic programs that BSM offers, spanning over three seasons, the school decided that sports deserved its own separate website.

BSM Director of Athletics and Activities, Mr. Jerry Pettinger, described the new website as “very user-friendly” and cited “accessibility” as one of the main reasons two separate websites were necessary.

The new website contains easily-accessible information about schedules, scores, registration, and much more. In addition to that, it is much easier to navigate than the “Athletics” section of the regular Benilde-St. Margaret’s website. “It is easy for me to find what teams have games each and every day,”  junior Frida Fortier said.

It is easy for me to find what teams have games each and every day”

— Frida Fortier

Upon arrival to the new website, the first thing visitors see is a calendar with upcoming games and events located conveniently at the top of the page. Below that is other helpful information such as registration links, the upcoming weather forecast and contact info for everyone in the Athletic Department. “I like how each season gets its own menu on the top of the screen. Also, the calendar is very helpful,” sophomore Nick Marinaro said.

It seems that BSM students are also fans of the new website. “I like the graphics and pictures that decorate the website, it’s much better than the regular website,”  junior Gaby Perez said.