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Jack Shields

Colorful September leaves bring the sense of the beginning of fall

Falling for Fall

It’s that time of year again. The leaves turn red, the temperature drops, and we return to our daily lives. For some of us, the structure of returning to a regular work or school schedule is a comfort compared to how chaotic and unstructured summer can become. For others, autumn is a return to passionless conformity, the likes of which destroy the human spirit. Today, I’m going to look at and evaluate the season of fall, and give my thoughts on the season.

Final Verdict
As much as I say I hate fall, I really don’t. It’s a mostly boring season, interspersed with a few festivities that don’t last very long. Aesthetically, I love the way fall looks, but I loathe the weather. Not quite cold enough for winter jackets, but colder than I can handle with just sweatshirts. I miss the sun.


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