BSM students reveal their favorite Homecoming memories


Photo courtesy of Abby O'Neil

Current seniors Taylor Damberg (left center), Abby O’Neil (right center), and Carter Chapman (far right) pose for photos during their freshman homecoming.

Frannie Scherer, Staff Writer

Homecoming Week, filled with unique dress-up days, fun activities, and school spirit. Beginning on Monday morning with homecoming court coronation, and ending with the high-school dance on Saturday, every year is different, but some homecomings are better liked than others.

For freshmen and incoming students, this year’s homecoming week’s events were new and amusing. Monday morning began with the coronation of the Homecoming King and Queen. Two representatives from the freshmen, sophomore, and junior classes walked the runway before the senior nominees for Homecoming King and Queen. Later that evening, the annual boys’ volleyball tournament took place, where a team from each grade played to win. Wednesday brought girls Powder Puff Football, where––like boys Volleyball––each grade had a team that competed for victory. Friday started with the favorited pepfest, where games, competition, and the Dance Team hip-hop/Boy-Girl dance were performed. Then, Friday ended with the football game, where students cheered and chanted for a Red Knight Victory. Finishing off the week was the dance on Saturday. “My favorite part of the week so far would definitely be playing powder puff [game,] it was fun to play against other grades, and I got so into it that I now have a bruise on my arm,” freshman Sadie Witterschein said.

With upperclassmen having experienced several homecomings, many are able to rank each one based on either personal preference or the events that happened. Last year’s theme, A Knight Through the Ages, gave students the unique opportunity to dress up like different decades, and as babies or old people for Baby vs. Old People Day. “My favorite Homecoming Week was [2017––my] junior year. I thought the power outage for the boys’ volleyball game was memorable, the theme was weird, but alright,” senior Emily Platt said.

My favorite Homecoming Week was [2017––my] junior year. I thought the power outage for the boys’ volleyball game was memorable, the theme was weird, but alright”

— Emily Platt

Choosing a theme is tricky. This year’s theme was Wild, Wild West, giving students fun dress- up days like Farm Animal Day (students were asked to dress like any animal found at a farm) and Cowboy Day (where students brought out their cowboy hats and bandanas). In 2016, students dressed up like different Harry Potter Houses, and other movie characters that fit within the theme: A Knight at Hogwarts. “Harry Potter would have been my favorite theme if I was into Harry Potter then, but I wasn’t at the time,” junior Kelly Dempsey said.

Homecoming week not only gives students the chance to dress up in fun and fit different themes, but it tries to pull the community closer by allowing grades to compete against each other for total Homecoming Week domination.