BSM freshmen discuss changes from middle school

The BSM freshmen class is a mix of new and returning freshmen, yet, all of them are entering unfamiliar territory.


Madeline Kurtovich

Returning freshmen from the Junior High might have an upper hand when it comes to BSM but, much of the community is still new, allowing incoming freshmen the chance to integrate with the 2022 class.

Frannie Scherer, Staff Writer

New and returning freshmen begin their high school career with songs, icebreakers, and games. Whether they attended the BSM Junior High or another middle school, one thing is for is for sure––high school is a completely new playground.

Although some “know the ropes” by attending BSM’s Junior High, many have realized that high school is completely different. “I felt more [babied] in the Junior High. You were expected to follow such a tight schedule,” returning freshman Emily Zagaros said.

Transitioning from the Junior High to the Senior High is challenging, but many find high school to be different than what they expected. “I do not personally think the high school is intimidating… I enjoy talking to people, and meeting new people is always fun…For someone who didn’t go to the JH…I could see how it would be scary,” Zagaros said.

For others, this is their first year at BSM, so everything is new to them. Classes like P.E. and the infamous BSM hour are utilized and enjoyed. “I like the BSM hour because you can get homework done, and I also like my gym teacher, so that is fun,” new freshman Elleann Lowery said.

I feel like I am more a part of BSM as a whole.

— Emily Zagaros

In comparing the Junior High to the Senior High, returning freshmen are pleasantly surprised with how well they were prepared for high school. “The amount [of homework] is pretty much the same. If anything it is a tiny bit less,” Zagaros said.

Different schools prepare students differently for high school. “They almost scared us into thinking that there was so much homework in the high school and that you will need to manage your time well. It is definitely not as stressful or as much homework that I thought it was going to be…There is more homework but not by much,” Lowery said.

For new and returning freshmen alike, entering into the BSM high school community is unfamiliar. Students in the Junior High only get to experience a part of the BSM community, but now that they are freshmen, they get to participate in Homecoming week activities and the variety of aspects in high school. “I feel like I am more a part of BSM as a whole. We felt left out in the Junior High because we only saw people from the Junior High,” Zagaros said.