Netflix and YouTube both provide good options for streaming

Students choose between Netflix and YouTube.

Harry Madden, Reviews Editor

YouTube and Netflix have both provided the world with endless amusement and happiness. Because this of, they both have achieved success as well. Netflix is estimated to be a 152.3 billion dollar company, and YouTube is owned by Google, but it’s estimated that it would have a worth between 26-40 billion dollars on its own. Aside from money, both services provide their entertainment in different forms, so it’s interesting to compare them and see which one reigns supreme.

What many people enjoy about Netflix is its original TV shows. Netflix has created its own original content, which includes popular shows like “Stranger Things,” “Orange is the New Black,” and “The Crown.” People are always talking about these shows, and they have all been nominated for many awards. These shows aren’t accessible anywhere else besides Netflix, which makes it essential to have a Netflix account. “[I like] Netflix because it has my favorite shows,” freshman Bailey Skahan said.

Besides the original content, there are many other reasons Netflix is enjoyable to use. Netflix has a very simple setup, making it super easy to watch. It can be accessed on a laptop, or phone, simply by entering a password. Netflix also has zero commercials, which is extremely annoying to deal when trying to watch a video on other services. On top of this, the price for Netflix is affordable. The price ranges from 8-12 dollars a month, depending on the users plan. “[I like] Netflix, because it has a set plot, and watching blogs can get old,” junior Mason McHugh said.

All these factors might make it seem like Netflix is the obvious winner over YouTube, but there are some downsides to it as well. The biggest downside to Netflix is how long it takes for new content to become available. When a new season of a show that is not a Netflix original airs on normal TV, it takes months before appearing on Netflix.

Another downside of Netflix is when content is taken down. Since Netflix doesn’t own all of the content, they have to continue paying for it continuously. Because of this, they have removed shows that many love like “How I Met Your Mother” and “Bob’s Burgers.”

Lastly, one other small downside is that the selection of content depends on where the viewer lives. If the viewer doesn’t live in the United States, Netflix could be considered a complete waste of money.