Girls’ soccer team gears up for another season


BSM girls’ soccer looks to have a successful year.

Libby Simpson, Staff Writer

The BSM girls’ soccer team gears up for another great season, and senior captains Amanda Cassidy, Dani Gonyea, and Stella Fortier are excited to make it their best season yet.

Starting off the season with team bonding and hard work is their recipe for success, and they have had a good start by doing team sleepovers and workouts together. “We want to be more inclusive. If we can be a team off the field, it’s going to reflect on the field,” Cassidy said.

Their goals for this year are making it to State and hopefully winning the Conference Championships. “We are working really hard at practice because you perform the way you practice,” Gonyea said.

We are working really hard at practice because you perform the way you practice”

— Dani Gonyea

Last year the team was eliminated in the second game at sections and this loss was unexpected. “I’m really excited to see how far our team goes and to see if we can show up and go to state and get school out for everybody,” Cassidy said.

Their key players are bringing the team to their fullest potential and helping them reach their goals. “[Senior] Annie Pohlen. She is our goalkeeper; if it wasn’t for her, we would not be a team; she has saved us so many times,” Fortier said.  

Another noteworthy player is captain Cassidy, and Gonyea has some uplifting words to say about her teammate. “She has been on the team since freshman year, she is really fast and she knows how to get us goals,” Gonyea said.

Equally important are the new students who have just joined the team. “We have five new freshmen that are really good and have actually gotten a lot of playing time and have proven their spot on the team,” Cassidy said.

This year’s the girls’ soccer team is ready to get their game faces on. “We have a really good chance of making it to state, because the teams that we have played so far, we’ve shown that we can hang with them, so I think we are right up in it with them,” Cassidy said.