Senior girls show off their Red Knight spirit with overalls

Xiomara Guzman


Em Paquette

Senior girls show off their overalls at the annual homecoming pepfest.

Caroline Pauly, Staff Writer

Since freshman year, the girls of the class of 2019 have been waiting to become a senior, that is, by making their senior overalls. Michael’s, Jo-ann Fabrics, and Ragstock were raided by the senior girls leaving little to no overalls, iron-on letters, feathers, or rhinestones left.

The first draft of countless hours of gluing and painting was debuted during the first week of school at the pepfest. However, many girls were rushed to complete their overalls and felt they were unfinished. “[It was] very stressful, I made my mom help me,” senior Sara Ben said. They were excited to show off the final draft on Friday of Homecoming week.

Making the overalls took a lot longer than many girls expected. Though many girls got together in big groups to make them, they ended up putting in more time after that. “Honestly like two days, it took so long,” Senior Maggie Emmer said.

However, all of Emmer’s effort seems to have paid off. “My puppies on the top and bottom of my border are pretty unique,” Emmer said.

Though the senior overalls have been around since before this year’s seniors were in seventh grade, the tradition is still relatively new. It started a little over a decade ago with the class of 2007. Multiple schools have adopted the tradition with their own twist including Wayzata, Orono, and Eden Prairie. “Since seventh grade, I have seen them do it every year so I’m excited to do it next year,” junior Jada Kosek said.

It’s safe to say that this senior overall tradition is here to stay. “It’s something that is passed down throughout the senior classes, I think every grade should have the opportunity, it’s kind of like a BSM thing, it’s iconic,” Ben said.

Senior Jane Hoyt agrees with Ben. “I love the tradition, and I hope it stays alive forever,” Hoyt said.