Eighth grader reflects on his wrestling success at State


Photo courtesy of bsmschool.org

Zyan Hall (center, kneeling) took 6th place at the State Wrestling Meet. Members of the BSM wrestling team posed for a photo earlier this season.

Lorenzo Cerda, Staff Writer

Zyan Hall wrestles for the BSM varsity team. This year he competed at Minnesota State High School League State Wrestling Championship, and he earned sixth place. More amazing? Hall is an eighth grader.

As such a young athlete competing on the biggest stage in Minnesota wrestling, the experience was one of learning and fun for Hall. “My experience being at State was such an eye opener for me because it showed me what I need to do to become a better wrestler and person,” Hall said.

Building up to the State meet, Hall engaged in challenging practices to prepare himself physically and mentally to compete at a high level. Although the grind of practices every day can be grueling, Hall believes that all of his work was important to his success. “All my hard work was worth it; I would do it all again,” Hall said.

Hall has been wrestling for the past five years. Compared to other wrestlers of his caliber who have been wrestling for close to their entire lives, wrestling was introduced to the Hall family when they moved from Colorado to Minnesota.  However, sports have been a part of Hall’s life since he was very young, and he is a multi-sport athlete. “I also play football and have done cross-country before,” Hall said.

All my hard work was worth it; I would do it all again.

— Zyan Hall

In the future, Hall wants to continue to take wrestling as far as he can. For next year, Hall plans on gaining up to twenty pounds of muscle to compete at a different weight class, and then cut weight for the state tournament.  “I wrestled 106, but next year I want to be at least 120 to 126 next year and possibly go down to 113 for State,” Hall said.

At the state meet, Hall wasn’t focused on his record; rather, his effort was what he used to gage his success. Since it was his first year wrestling at the state meet, Hall wanted to embrace the experience, meet people, and learn from others. “I was focused not on winning or losing, just performing to the best of my abilities,” Hall said.

The state meet takes place at the Xcel Energy Center and is packed with thousands of fans. For any athlete, the experience would be surreal and one that they would remember for the rest of their lives. The environment is both very fun and incredibly competitive. “Wrestling at the Xcel center, there is nothing like it,” Hall said.