Ms. Mary Andersen retiring after 34 years of service

Ms. Mary Andersen announces retirement after 34 years of being a teacher and administrator at BSM.

Lorenzo Cerda, Varsity Writer

Ms. Mary Andersen, Assistant Principal and Junior and Senior Dean, has been a staple in the BSM community since her hiring in 1984. Now, after over three decades of serving BSM, Andersen has announced her retirement.

After spending such a substantial amount of her life active in the BSM community, there are many things that Andersen will miss. From her first year at BSM, Andersen was looking for a family and community that she could get behind and trust to have her back. “I was looking for a family and a place to be. This family has walked with me for the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows,” Andersen said.

Andersen has been very involved with the BSM community over the past three decades. She was initially hired as a physical science teacher, moved over to teaching biology, and then became Assistant Principal and Dean of upperclassmen. She has coached all levels of basketball, track, golf, and even mock trial throughout her time here. Even still, there are parts of BSM that Andersen has not experienced. “I have never had chicken fried steak, but I will before the end of the year,” Andersen said.

One part of Andersen’s job is that she often deals with disciplining students. Although confrontation and conflict can be very challenging and intimidating for most people, Andersen enjoys the challenge. She enjoys helping students through conflict and disagreement and creating understanding. Her motto that she has lived and enforced by throughout the years is: “actions lead to consequences.”

I would hope that my legacy would be that I contributed to being a place where people are treated with dignity and respect.”

— Ms. Mary Andersen

By understanding that one’s actions will lead to very clear consequences, Andersen has created a system of discipline based on communication, mutual trust, and understanding. “I would hope that my legacy would be that I contributed to being a place where people are treated with dignity and respect,” Andersen said.

While working with high school students may seem tiring, Andersen nds it invigorating. “The students keep you young at heart. It’s hard to age at a school. [You are] surrounded by optimistic kids,” Andersen said.

With no big plans following retirement, Andersen is excited to embark on her next step in life. She wants to spend time in the outdoors figuring out what she wants to do and where she wants to go. It will be hard for Andersen to become comfortable with the change in lifestyle. “I can’t imagine my life without BSM,” Andersen said.

Timeline of Andersen’s Achievement’s and positions at BSM. Andersen has been a part of the BSM community for 34 years.