BSM allows students time during school to prepare for the ACT


Ginny Lyons

With changes coming to the ACT, students will need to reconsider how they prep for and take the test.

Alexa Reynders, Staff Writer

One of the most stressful parts of junior year is studying for and taking the ACT and SAT.  Since so many students take the ACT, BSM is introducing new resources to help prepare students.  

Juniors spend much of their time outside of school studying for the ACT by paying hundreds of dollars for a tutor and taking many practice tests. BSM is hoping to eliminate some of that stress by partnering with Breakaway Test Prep. “Many other schools offer test prep during the school day. It’s good for kids because they’re able to do it during the school day and free up time outside of the normal school day. It is really beneficial overall,” Counselor Ms. Heidi Wessman said.  

Now, ACT and PSAT preparation will occur during the school day. During the first semester of junior year, students will be required to spend their free hour on block days studying for the ACT and PSAT. In addition, juniors will be exempt from their wellness class for first semester. Students will be in a classroom setting for the most part. For larger free hours, students may meet in the theater or the library conference room. Classes will be run by a trained Breakaway tutor.  “I think that it’s cool because the classes outside of school are super expensive. It’s mandatory so we have to go but it’s good that it doesn’t meet everyday and not something you have to use a saturday for or meet after school,” Sophomore Hope Wang said.

Students will be assigned practice tests to complete each week outside of class.  When the class meets, the Breakaway instructor will go over the answers to these practice tests and offer explanations as well as provide test taking tips.  “We really want students to feel confident and comfortable going into the ACT. Test prep is a big thing for juniors and we want to help lighten the load,” Wessman said.

In addition to the practice tests that juniors will complete as homework, Breakaway Test Prep offers full length ACT practice tests on the weekends that students can register for. “[BSM] will still offer [the practice test] that Magna Test Prep has done in years past during November on the day of conferences,” Wessman said.  

As a college preparatory school, BSM strives to set students up for success in college and beyond. The goal of ACT preparation during the school day is to have students achieve better scores on the ACT to help them get into the college of their choice and to receive better scholarships. Students who score in the top one percent on the PSAT earn the title National Merit Scholar. This is turn, gives students the opportunity to receive additional scholarships.  

Preparation will begin during the week after Labor Day and continue for thirteen weeks. Juniors will receive a Pass or No Pass on their transcript based on completion of ACT and PSAT practice tests and attendance.