Posters placed around the school to fight bullying


Muriel Ruppert

Pictures around the school have been put up to prevent bullying.

This past year, BSM has decided to take steps in combating bullying, by reintroducing the bully hotline. To inform new students and remind older students, BSM has taken the initiative of positing new posters around the school.

BSM is reintroducing their anti-bullying hotline which has been active for the past six years. It was not a well-known resource for students so many people forgot about it or didn’t know it existed. The number has not changed since it was created; when called the number goes directly to a phone that Assistant Principal Ms. Mary Andersen has set up via text message. The Junior High has their own separate hotline number for them to get help. “Well I think it does provide for any student who can’t come to one of our adults to report something in an anonymous way,” Andersen said.

Instead of using the stock posters from the company that does the hotline, Andersen tasked art teacher Ms. Kelli Rahn’s class with creating fresh posters. One reason she asked Rahn’s class to make posters was because most of all the old ones had all fallen down and been lost. Rahn liked this project was, because it was a good way to for her students to show off their work and abilities to the BSM community instead of just presenting work to her for a grade.

If you need help, call the Bully Hotline at 952-679-8072