“Coco” displays Mexican culture in Pixar’s new animation

“Coco” is filled with stunning animation and music.

Harry Madden, Staff Writer

Pixar’s new movie “Coco” brings its audience into the culture and life of Mexico. Filled with music, dancing, family, and breathtaking animation, the film serves as a great new edition to Pixar’s list of memorable films. There will be many spoilers in this review, so if you are planning on watching this movie, stop reading NOW.

Throughout the movie we follow Miguel, a little boy who has a deep passion for music, but a family that has a deep resentment for it because of past events that have torn their previous family apart. We see how Miguel has looked up to the former music legend, Ernesto de la Cruz, and how he has been his main inspiration for his music throughout his life. After a scramble with his family about his love for music, he runs away to perform in the local talent show for Día de Muertos, the day in Mexico where they celebrate their ancestors and lay out gifts for them when they come to visit. He wants to perform, but he doesn’t have a guitar to play with, so he steals Ernesto de la Cruz’s guitar that has been kept on display since his death.

At this moment Miguel crosses over to the world of the dead, even though he has not passed away yet. The world accurately portrays what the Mexican holiday truly means, and how they find happiness in their loved one’s deaths. The animation goes beyond what Pixar has done in the past, giving us breathtaking views of the world of the dead. Miguel is challenged with finding his ancestors, because the only way to cross over back to the normal world is by receiving a blessing from one of his past family members. He finds the way to his family, but discovers that they will only give him a blessing if they can also forbid him from playing any more music for the rest of his life. Miguel is informed that his great grandfather abandoned his great grandmother for music, leaving his grandmother alone to raise her daughter. Miguel then assumes that his grandfather must be his greatest idol, Ernesto de la Cruz. A man Miguel met earlier named Hector agrees to help Miguel find Ernesto since he knew him in his past life.

The audience is then taken on a wild adventure where we see the importance of both your dreams, and your family. We get to listen to the great music performed by Miguel, and like always, Disney’s music does not disappoint. Towards the end of the film there are many sweet moments like Pixar’s previous movie “Up” contains.

Many Pixar fans had been waiting for another great movie, especially after the forgettable “The Good Dinosaur,” and the disappointing “Cars 3,” and “Coco” surely was not a let down for most fans.