AP Comp Museum Project pushes students to use different media to learn


courtesy of Mary Youngblut

Students focused their project on a single topic such as elections and immigration.

Olivia Pohlen, Staff Writer

The AP Language and Composition classes, offered for students their junior year, are finishing up their project titled “Rhetorical Museum Project.” This project requires students to research the rhetoric of a topic of American culture throughout history and create an online museum page highlighting their themes.

This project was created last year by English teacher Ms. Tiffany Joseph, when AP Language and Composition switched from a semester-long class to a year-long class. Having a project that incorporates different types of writing allows students to have new experiences with multimedia in a class that generally is reading and writing. “It’s more hands on I think and in a class that has so much writing it’s nice to have different kinds of writing especially since so much published writing is actually multimedia now,” Joseph said.

In addition to making students think outside the box, it challenges them to use different methods of research. “It requires deep research, so not just looking stuff up that somebody else has written and summarizing it, but they have to have primary sources on their own. This kind of thing doesn’t really exist so it’s all kind of original research which is really cool, and they still get to practice writing and writing about things they’re researching without doing a traditional research paper,” Joseph said.

Junior Cheyanne Carter appreciates the opportunity to learn more about the topic she chose in a school setting while also having the freedom to manage the project in her group, “I’ve learned a lot about the analysis process as well as gender throughout history. [I also] do enjoy this type of learning. It allows me to use individual expression in my work but still gives some guidelines for structure,” Carter said.

Check out this link to view the website: www.rhetoricalmuseum2017.weebly.com