Scott Pruitt should resign as the Director of the EPA

Scott Pruitt does not have the scientific expertise to lead the agency.


Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons

Scott Pruitt speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2017

During Scott Pruitt’s leadership as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, he has managed to erode decades of trust scientists have in the agency.

The most striking way Scott Pruitt has ruined the agency is his opinions on climate change. The scientific consensus for climate change is overwhelming. A study by seven authors of climate consensus papers reiterated the overwhelming scientific support for global warming “The scientific consensus on AGW [Anthropogenic Global Warming] is robust, with a range of 90%–100% depending on the exact question, timing and sampling methodology,” the study says.

The EPA should never be controlled by the industry it is supposed to regulate”

— Gus Beringer

Despite the overwhelming scientific conclusion that climate change is manmade, Scott Pruitt still rejects the science. In a CNBC interview, Scott Pruitt said he “would not agree that it’s [Carbon Dioxide] a primary contributor to the global warming.” Scott Pruitt’s belief that humans are not responsible for climate change show that he should not be responsible for leading the EPA.

When Scott Pruitt took over the agency in April, he censored information on the EPA website that contradicted the director’s inaccurate statements on global warming. In October, the New York Times reported that Scott Pruitt prevented EPA scientists from presenting their findings at an environmental conference. The conference presentation was about the Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island and heavily involve climate change in the findings. Scott Pruitt clearly does not have the scientific expertise to lead a science-heavy agency.

The New York Times reported on October 31 that Scott Pruitt removed a “half-dozen scientists and academics” from their positions on the EPA Science Advisory Board. This move shows that Pruitt is not willing to let science have any say in public policy. That is ridiculous—the EPA should not be controlled by the industry it is supposed to regulate. Martin E. Ross, associate professor of marine and environmental sciences at Northeastern University, responded to the decision, “It makes no sense for the E.P.A. to hand out millions in research grants to scientists and then not include them on advisory panels where their knowledge and expertise would be invaluable… Mr. Pruitt is opening up the hen house to the foxes as part of his continuing dismantling of environmental regulations and the E.P.A. itself.”

The EPA should never be controlled by the industry it is supposed to regulate. Scott Pruitt should resign. He has not demonstrated that he has the scientific expertise to run the agency.