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Em Paquette

Cerda dresses up for school everyday.

Lorenzo Cerda wears a suit to class everyday

The Knight Errant challenged its staff writers to try something that would take us out of our comfort zone.  Jackson Williams and I decided to dress up for five days in a row at school.  Sports coat, ties, dress shirt, the works.  It would be a test of our ability to not sweat, a test of our ability to use the bathroom without making a mess of ourselves, and a test of our ability to eat without spilling on our dress shirts.  It would be an adventure.  

The first day was by far the most challenging.  Dealing with all of the side glances and questioning looks, I strode into the school with my all black Alfani suit, black dress shirt, and vibrant, orange and blue tie.  While I originally chose the tie as a joke, I received several genuine compliments on the outfit with people calling it “professional” and “distinctive.”  The comments proved to be very inspiring because the rest of the day was filled with pants that were too tight, overheating in all of my classes, and forgetting my sports coat in nearly every classroom.  

After the first day, things started to flow smoothly.  My outfits seemed more natural and seamless as I was more comfortable and confident in them.  It was also a great opportunity to try new colors and combinations with my outfits.  I became a fashion connoisseur.  I distinctly remember my conversation with Dr. Adam Ehrmantraut, a man that dresses up in business attire every day. He talked about dressing up becoming a lifestyle and a part of your character that follows you.  I realized that the way that a person dresses and the effort that they put into their appearances speaks volume about the quality of work they produce, and the kind of person they are to work with.  Well-dressed men and women exude a persona of confidence, charisma, and self-assured capability.  By the fourth day, I grew to love dressing up.  Looking classy is an excellent feeling; people on the street look at you with a type of mild respect, and you feel strong enough to take on the world and win.  

I remember when my dad first showed me how to tie a tie.  Tying a tie represents more than just making a pretty loop.  A good tie with a well-developed knot is a statement that shows the people around you that you’re ready to get after it and attack tasks with drive.  It took several tries, but after this past week, I feel confident when I tie my tie.  The tie puts me in a mental state of readiness and preparedness.  I feel capable and able to attack any problem and situation with authority and dominance that people will remember.  This experience dressing up has really been a motivational experience.  While the first day was incredibly out of my comfort zone, the end of the week has brought a sense of purpose and refinement to my week and has helped me attack the day with confidence.  

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