BSM gets ATV to help football team


Lauren Beh

The ATV helped the football team move their supplies

Dylan Boyd, Staff Writer

Everyone saw and heard it on the field on game day. It’s the newest addition to BSM’s football team: the new 2018 Polaris Ranger 500.

The ATV -All Terrain Vehicle- has made moving equipment and gear faster due to its many unique features. One feature that has been extremely useful is the winch, which is used to help pull anything from super heavy sleds and the waterboy, wherever it needs to go. “It was a good idea to get it. It helps of move the heavy equipment, so that we don’t need to leave it outside anymore,” Coach Joe Creer said.

In a way the ATV, which features 1000 pound bed capacity, is like the team’s little workhorse. The new ATV is also used to move some very heavy equipment from the trailer to the field at away games, which makes games a lot less chaotic. Some of that equipment includes the waterboy, white board for plays, and a bunch of heavy equipment bags. “It really made practice and games flow and run a lot more efficiently because we now didn’t have to drag around a large cart of equipment or worry about people not getting the bags into the trailer anymore,“ senior Braeden Fitzgerald said.

The coaches have especially enjoyed having the ATV around. Coach John Hanks has especially enjoyed how efficient it has made moving equipment, and just in general how much he enjoys driving it.

Senior Turner Wine’s dad donated the 4-Stroke Twin Cylinder ATV to the football team. “I think [my dad] was just happy to help out. It had been sitting at our house for a couple of years now, and he was just glad someone could help out,” Wine said.