Boys’ Volleyball cut short due to a power outage

Emily Platt


Morgan Williams

Boys’ Volleyball was cut short due to a power outage.

Stella Fortier, Staff Writer

The Monday night of Homecoming week has come to be known for the annual Boys’ Volleyball game. At this event, boys from every grade join together with their class, to fight to claim the spot as volleyball champs. This year, though, there was a turn of events.

The event is partially run by girl volleyball players from each grade and the members of student council. The girls coach their team to victory, as well as help set up the nets and run the scoreboard. “It’s always so fun being involved in the boys volleyball even if it’s just running scoreboards,” junior Estelle Beutz said.

The student council members plan this homecoming event weeks in advance and help plan the details. “I really enjoy helping set up the events like boys’ volleyball. Although it gets a little difficult sometimes finishing up the final details, it’s always worth it when everyone is having a good time at the game,” senior Eric Weber said.

It’s a tradition for the the boy athletes to dress to impress, and many claim that this helps improve their volleyball performance. The girls of the grade crowd onto the bleachers, and cheer on the boys that are fighting for a winning title. “I love watching the boys in my grade try and play a sport that they have never played before,” sophomore Kaitlyn McTigue said.

It was 7 o’clock, the seniors were crushing the freshman, while the juniors were just pulling ahead of the sophomores. In the middle of a point on both courts, fans and players were shocked when they suddenly found themselves in darkness. Luckily, the power came back on right away and the games continued. Fans cheered louder than ever as the first game was coming to a close. But then, the power went out again, and this time, it went out for good. 

Everyone ran to the court and started to dance and cheer because something like this has never happened before. Chaos broke out for a small amount of time until the teachers realized that the power was not coming back on. The teachers, trying to keep things in order, forced the students back onto the bleachers. “Even though the blow horn broke, all the students did a very good job listening,” Assistant Principal Mrs. Anderson said.

Mrs. Anderson informed the students that they were waiting on Excel Energy to give the school an expected time for how long it would take the power to come back on. Approximately 15 minutes later, it was reported that the school wouldn’t get power back until 10:30 pm. With this disappointing news, everyone knew that the 2017 boys volleyball game was over. “I was really sad that I never get to play in another boys’ volleyball game, but it was fun to see the boys all sweaty,” senior Braeden Fitzgerald said.