The Best Baking Youtube Channels to Relax With


Photo Courtesy of Flickr

These three youtube channels teach viewers to make delicious treats similar to these cupcakes.

Kayla Farrey, Staff Writer

After a long day of school, settling into a cozy couch, being able to rest your brain and relax is ideal. The only types of videos that truly soothe the mind are baking! How can someone resist that satisfying laying of fondant onto a flawless cake or the perfect coloring of a freshly made cake? Here are my picks of the best Youtube baking channels:

How to Cake it

From a Rubik’s cube, to a Pokeball, to a snake, Yolanda, who runs How to Cake It, can cake it all! She uses intricate detail and precision to form lifelike, edible creations. Yolanda’s most viewed video is her watermelon cake, which could easily be mistaken for an actual fruit and not a delectable cake. In all of her videos, she starts with the flavor of the cake batter; common flavors are funfetti, chocolate, white and carrot. After the cake is baked, Yolanda uses simple syrup and a crumb coat of frosting before refrigerating. Next is layering the cakes and starting the true art of cutting and decorating. Yolanda is never seen without a ruler and measuring tape to make sure all her cakes are as impeccable as possible. It is easy to watch a Youtuber like Yolanda because she makes absolutely zero mistakes in her 15 minute videos.

Nerdy Nummies

Whether you are in the mood for cookies, cupcakes, toffee, or pastries, Rosanna, baker of Nerdy Nummies, has you covered! She makes extraordinary sweets with many festive themes such as upcoming holidays and movies. Rosanna has a baking show called Nerdy Nummies with over 8 million subscribers. She loves entertaining her audience by dressing up to match her themed videos. Recently, she dressed as Merida from the Disney movie Brave to match her sweet treat of the week: an iced roll. You can always count on Rosanna to have a smile on her face while talking about her beloved baking.

My Cupcake Addiction

Don’t be fooled by the name because this channel is not solely cupcakes. It ranges from mega candy bars to smash cakes. The word mega is not taken lightly on this channel: one time, a six pound Rolo candy was made as well as a giant Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and Snickers ice cream bar. The baker, Elise, shares her love of all things sweets which is captivating to watch! Elise also creates no bake videos with desserts like mousse, tarts, candy, etc. You name it, Elise will bake it.