Essentials for the perfect athleisure wardrobe


Morgan Williams

The athleisure trend is very versatile and works well in any weather.

Katie Sohm, Student Life Editor

New fashion trends come and go faster than you can say “crop top,” but one trend has emerged over the past years that seems like it’s here to stay. Athleisure––a combination of the words ‘athletic’ and ‘leisure’––has become a must have in many teenagers’ wardrobes. The trend is all about staying comfy while still looking good; it started years ago around the time the athletic store Lululemon became popular. Now, it seems like the Nike and Athleta brands are seen more in public, than in the inside of a gym. While athleisure continues to evolve from baggy sweatpants to chic, Kardashian-approved track suits, anyone hoping to copy the style should start with a few basics.


These are probably the most important part of the athleisure look, as well as the most popular item of the athleisure trend. The beauty of leggings is in their versatility. A pair of classic black leggings can bring together any casual outfit, but as athleisure has continued to gain popularity, wilder prints and colors have become increasingly fashionable. There are also a variety of lengths to choose from. It is practically impossible to walk into a clothing store without seeing leggings for sale, so they can work for almost any budget. For a cute and cheaper pair, check out Old Navy, or look to Lululemon for more expensive and higher quality ones.

Comfortable Shoes

There are a variety of sneakers to choose from when it comes to looking for practical and stylish shoes. A class pair of tennis shoes like Nikes or New Balances can be worn in any situation or almost any weather. These tennis shoes are also perfect for when someone is actually working out in their athleisure clothes. Some trendy sneakers are also a great option, but not for real workouts. Adidas are very popular right now, and Vans are also a great option that come in a variety of colors and styles. Sneakers like Stan Smiths and Superstars were very popular back in the day, but are now coming back in style. It’s hard to walk down the hallway without seeing several girls wearing these.


For a more relaxed, cozy, and dress code compliant pant than the basic legging, teens look to joggers: a stylized sort of sweatpants-legging hybrid. Some pairs have a tighter fit, while others are looser like sweatpants. The other great thing about them is the different fabrics there are to choose from––some are as soft as a favorite blanket.


Athleisure is all about comfort, so wearing something casual and comfy is key. When it comes to an athleisure top, there is an endless amount of options. Some even choose a non-athletic sweater or T-shirt to balance out their sporty look. Others prefer a close fitting shirt, while others opt for something loose and relaxed.. During the warmer months, a cute tank top with a crisscross back is a good idea, and when it’s cold outside, a moisture wicking sweatshirt is the way to go.


For an extra layer of warmth, adding a jacket can pull an athleisure outfit together. Unlike other trends, athleisure values function: throw on a windbreaker to brave the elements or add a wool shawl for a more relaxed day. To balance out a sporty-casual outfit, throwing on a bomber jacket is also an of-the-moment trend that fits in nicely with the athleisure style.