BSM boys’ lacrosse gets huge boost from its freshmen standouts


Maddie Kurtovich

These six freshmen are hoping to contribute to the team’s goal of going to State.

The BSM Boys’ Lacrosse team is looking to achieve big things this upcoming season. This star-studded team is diverse in age and boasts a lot of talent. With six freshmen making varsity, the future of the team looks extremely bright.

These freshman stars on the varsity team this season are defenseman Seamus Foley, midfielders Kalam Storrs and Pepe Smith, forward/midfield Jack Budniewski, attacker Jack VanOverbeke, and defensemen Jack Rigley. Rigley has already verbally committed to play collegiate lacrosse at the United States Military Academy, or West Point.

Even with such bright futures ahead of them, the young lacrosse stars remain focused on the task at hand—this season. The pressure is on for these freshmen, as they are all highly regarded by their older teammates. “As a whole, our freshman class could become one of the most dominant classes to play at BSM, and possibly in the state too.  Since we know that they can heavily contribute to the team this season and in the years to come, we hold them to very high standards and expectations.  We treat them like any other player on the team by pushing them to get better and better so they can achieve new heights as a program and as individuals as their high school career progresses,” senior captain Ben Scherer said. The players feel the pressure but try to embrace it as much as they can.  “It’s very fun playing varsity with the older guys, but at the same time there is pressure to show all those guys that you belong there,” Foley said.

The players are focused on a motto of “restore the order,” trying to get BSM lacrosse back to its winning ways. BSM lacrosse used to be a powerhouse but has fallen off from that pedestal in recent years.  “I feel a ton of pressure on me because our class is looked to as the next up-and-coming grade to bring home championships,” Storrs said.

Even with their inexperience at the varsity level, these players feel that they all can contribute a lot to the team. “I can contribute to the team by fitting in with the play style of the offense and getting other people opportunities to score,” Smith said. Some of these boys do have some experience at the varsity level but all of them have been playing lacrosse year-round and that has really them get better.  “I feel like I contribute a lot and my communication skills are what I contribute the most to the team,” Rigley said.

The Red Knights are looking for a big year this year and have some lofty goals for the season. “I think we could easily be one of the best teams in the state,” Rigley said.

This motto of “restore the order” has brought BSM boys’ lacrosse players closer as a team and they are ready to take on this season together.  “I feel like our team is a lot better and closer together than last year–I feel like I am part of a brotherhood, not just a team,” Storrs said.  All of the boys seem to have the same goal in common; they want to go to State.

I feel a ton of pressure on me because our class is looked to as the next up-and-coming grade to bring home championships”

— Kalam Storrs

As freshmen on varsity, these kids are looking up to seniors who are three years older than them.  As the season has begun, each of the freshmen has developed their favorite senior to look up to on the team. “[My favorite senior on the team is] probably captain Carston Swenson, but he’s going to Navy so that’s a downside. #GoArmyBeatNavy,” Rigley said. “My favorite senior on the team is Will Hodder,” Overbeke said. “My favorite senior on the team is Ben Scherer, because he plays my position and I look up to him because he is a good leader and a nice kid,” Storrs said. “[It is hard to decide who my favorite senior on the team is] because Carston Swenson and Ben Scherer are [both] very good leaders, [and] all of the other seniors are very funny and can make the practices more fun,” Smith said.