Life is never dull on the hit Adult Swim comedy “Rick and Morty”


Photo Courtesy of Adult Swim

Rick and Morty have dozens of crazy adventures, like when they met the alien bounty hunter Krombopulos Michael.

Wuba Lubba Dub Dub!” When most people hear this phrase, they probably think of a baby crying or some other strange noise. To fans of the popular series “Rick and Morty,” however, this saying speaks to the sound of a man ignoring his own loneliness and sadness. Trust me on this—the show is funny.

“Rick and Morty,” as you might surmise, is a show about teenage Morty and his grandpa Rick. Morty is your typical teenager: adorably awkward, in love with a girl way out of his league, and constantly nervous. Rick happens to be a trans-universal explorer who is known throughout the galaxy for his illegal antics—you know, grandpa stuff. Although most teenagers may dread hanging out with their grandparents because of how boring it will be, Morty dreads his adventures with his grandpa because of the threats to his own life. From run-ins with space pirates, bounty hunters, and feminist societies to a near invasion from the carbon entity known as “Fart,” Rick and Morty’s adventures are never boring.

From run-ins with space pirates, bounty hunters, and feminist societies to a near invasion from the carbon entity known as “Fart,” Rick and Morty’s adventures are never boring.

— Henry Bird

“Rick and Morty” has no shortages of positives, but one of the best aspects of the series is the vast array of interesting characters. Any character who is involved in the plot of the show is instantly memorable and hilarious in their own right, even if they’re notorious for being boring, like Morty’s dad. Some of the more memorable characters include personalities such as Bird Person, Rick’s alien friend who has fought with Rick for a long time, “Tiny Rick,” the teenage version of Rick, and finally, but definitely most importantly, Mr. Poopy Butthole, a fun-loving, alien friend of Rick.

The tone of Rick and Morty shifts on a dime, with childish humor blending into darker themes and interspersed with adult humor. The tone of the show never feels forced, which showcases the strong writing of the show. For instance, in one episode, Rick and Morty have to sing a song for a strange group of all powerful aliens to appease them for their talk show. Rick and Morty perform the song “Get Schwifty,” an incredibly stupid song that was actually written by the show’s creator when he was eleven. However, this episode also features themes of military overreach and coups while incorporating the idea that Ice-T is actually a super-being made of ice.

Some episodes mention themes of depression and loneliness; for example, in the episode “Big Trouble in Little Sanchez,” Rick puts his brain into a teenager’s body. At first, Tiny Rick is incredibly popular and fun loving. As the episode goes on, however, it becomes apparent that Rick is using this body to escape his own fear of death and the fear that he isn’t cool enough for his grandchildren.

Overall, Rick and Morty is one of the most interesting shows on TV today. One can never know what adventure Rick and Morty will go on, but I can sure assure you: whatever it is, it will be random, weird, and hilarious.


Correction: In the original version of this article “Tiny Rick” was misidentified as “Little Rick.” We regret the error.