Easy steps to help prepare for spring break

Whether you’re staying home, leaving to go on vacation, or visiting family, everyone can follow these steps for a successful spring break.


Lauren Beh

If you’re traveling for spring break, you can’t forget to bring the necessities including headphones, tennis shoes, and maybe even leave room for a souvenir.

Lucy Scherer, Staff Writer


  1. If you’re traveling somewhere you’ve never been, the first priority on your list should be to do some research. Before you leave for the trip, you should look into popular activities, shopping, and restaurants in the area. It might be important to book activities and make reservations in advance; planning ahead can’t hurt. 
  2. Another thing that is very important when planning a trip is preparing a packing list. Write down everything you’ll need for the weather conditions and various activities you’ll be doing on the trip. I always make a packing list because not only does it help me plan for the trip, but for you over-packers, myself included, it helps you limit the things you can actually bring. Not everyone has the luxury of checking a bag, so this step is crucial. And let me say, when checking a bag, I’ve definitely overpacked before, so managing what you’ll bring is crucial. Trust me this tip is your friend. 
  3. There is one thing that I cannot be without when traveling. I will actually go crazy or have a mental breakdown if I don’t have music and noise canceling headphones. Making an awesome vacation playlist a few days before your trip will not only get you excited and ready for the trip, but it will be very helpful during your travels. Noise canceling headphones help mute all other noises around you, especially on planes (I can’t stand crying babies), and they will help you to relax and take a nap. Usually, spring break trips can be fast paced, so getting some shuteye when you can is a good idea.
  4. One thing that can be found in my suitcase, no matter where I travel, is a good pair of comfortable tennis shoes or walking shoes. Personally, I must wear comfy clothes on planes or in the car when traveling. This always includes leggings or comfortable pants, a t-shirt, a hoodie, and—of course—the shoes. Whether it’s physical activity or touristy sight-seeing, these shoes will be critical to a successful vacation. 
  5. I always like keeping the memories from my vacations, and what better way to do so than buying a souvenir? I always save a little bit of money before hand to spend on myself at some point during the trip. The touristy souvenir could be a cheesy thing you buy in the hotel gift shop or a nice piece of clothing. You would be lying if you told me you’ve never gone on a trip where you didn’t see something you wished you could buy.


  1. For those staying home this year for whatever reasons, take advantage of the staycation. Since you have some extra time on your hands, use that time to catch up on sleep. As high school students we don’t always have this opportunity, so use the time to recuperate and destress yourself.
  2. Spring in Minnesota can be gorgeous. Get out your bike, roller blades, tennis shoes, and hit the lakes. Lake Harriet, Isles, Calhoun or the Dakota Trail all have great trails, and they are scenic and entertaining ways to exercise.
  3. After all the exercise, look up some hot Twin Cities restaurants in those areas. Places like Truce Juice Bar, Crisp and Green, are tasty and healthy alternatives to fast food.
  4. Now if the weather is more gloomy—which is a definite possibility in Minnesota—invest in buying a Netflix account, or at least obtaining someone’s password, and get watching. Rainy days call for binge watching Criminal Minds, One Tree Hill, Stranger Things, or my new favorite: Shameless. Cozy up with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and your favorite show for a relaxing day.
  5. The last is a cliché. However, as I get older and older, I realize how important this is. Find a good book you love. You might think this is dumb at first, and not how you want to spend your one week off, but there are some great novels out there! Books like Milk and Honey, Hidden Figures, and the Girl on the Train, are all bestsellers for a reason. So pick one up call yourself a bookworm.