The indefinite ranking of the BSM hallways

Mary Youngblut isn’t a judgmental person, but it turns out that the hallways in BSM can reveal a lot about a student’s personality.


Lauren Beh

Maybe the black mold is hidden down this hall? #ynk

Mary Youngblut, Staff Writer

Main Hallway: Poor

The Main Hallway is a crowded mess. It has access points to all the major locations throughout the school, but is it worth the pushing and shoving? Don’t get me started on the groups of people who stand around a friend’s locker oblivious to the fact that they are blocking traffic. It’s like the EAC out there (East Australian Current for you Nemo fans). There is no way you can turn around, you better be quick to make those exits.

Freshman Hallway: Poor

The Freshman Hallway, while not nearly as busy, is full of freshman by their lockers who don’t quite understand that you can’t trod on other human beings. They seem a little less aware of their surroundings and make any student trying to find a religion or language room bump into someone. You will probably come head-to-head with someone and then do the awkward shuffle back and forth until one of you chooses a direction and moves past.

Basement: Fair

The basement is arguably more than one hallway, but we’re going to just say that it’s one. It’s an intertwined web with a million exits and entrances and no real sense of direction. There is hardly any order, but it is quite empty making it easy to speed walk to class.

North Building: Fair

The North Building has thin hallways that are long and straight. Having a classroom in the North Building is a far hike from the main building, but is nice for when you need some exercise and alone time. Just be careful of the bell because it sounds like a banshee.

Theater Hallway: Good

The Theater Hallway is empty and has a few access points that are a total timesaver. Using this hallway can get you from the front door to the Commons. It is quiet and empty and leaves little-clacking noises as you march through. It also provides nice sunlight with its wide windows.