Xiomara Guzman

March 7, 2017

Sometimes you feel so lonely. Like it’s just yourself and that nobody will truly understand the pain you are living with. While others continue to live their lives, you’re trying to find your new normal. I had a routine down and my father was very much a part of it. And days after his death I remember trying to follow the same routine, yet not being able to because I didn’t have the same support as I did before. But through my father’s death, I try my best to turn my grief into gratitude.

The hardest part, since this happened unexpectedly in front of our family, is the PTSD that we all suffer from. The flashbacks of the whole day. Playing over and over again.

But to know that even on my saddest days, that I was loved and am surrounded by an outpouring of love makes this journey a little bit easier.

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