Common Basket held for Safe Families for Children


Lauren Beh

Senior and freshman Peyton and Grace Melin wanted to collect money for Safe Families for Children as the Ash Wednesday Common Basket because of a personal connection with the organization. To raise awareness, they presented the organization to theology classes a week prior to the collection.

Maddie Turk, Staff Writer

This Ash Wednesday, the BSM community came together to support the organization Safe Families for Children through the common basket. Safe Families is a Christian organization that works to provide aid for families going through a crisis by providing safe homes for their children.

Senior Peyton Melin, who organized the common basket with his sister, freshman Grace Melin, finds that Safe Families is unique in that there is an opportunity to develop relationships between families. “The family that is taking care of the children and the family that is in crisis are able to communicate and build a friendship. That has been one of the coolest things I have experienced,” Peyton Melin said.

Peyton Melin and his sister have a special relationship with Safe Families as their own family acted as a host family for two siblings Ladamian and Alyna. Their mother Vanessa came to Safe Families when she needed a place for her kids to stay while she was at work, as she couldn’t afford childcare. “We had Ladamian and Alyna for a week originally, and then Alyna went back home and then we got Ladamian for about six months, and then after that we’ve had him for about two to three days a week,” Peyton Melin said.

The Melin family has been able to create a personal relationship with Vanessa and her children while helping her when she moved into her house. The Melins also raised funds at their church to help her buy a new car. “Safe Families really opens the door, almost to the point where that family that is taking care of the kids can be regarded as extended family, because a lot of the families that come to Safe Families don’t have any extended family,” Peyton Melin said.

It is because of their positive experience with Safe Families for Children that Peyton and Grace decided to create this common basket. BSM was able to raise $1297.20 for Safe Families for Children.