BSM celebrates student achievers from local Catholic schools with luncheon


Morgan Williams

Students from local Catholic elementary schools were recognized at the luncheon for their leadership skills, and they will receive a scholarship from BSM for their achievements.

BSM awarded a selective group of eighth-grade students with the Red Knight Achiever Award this past week for their leadership skills and role in society. These students celebrated these skills at a luncheon held at BSM on Wednesday, January 25th.

The Red Knight Achiever Award is an award given to current eighth graders from other Catholic schools in the west metro area. Each of these Catholic schools identified two eighth graders who demonstrate exemplary leadership skills, Christian service, and strong academic potential. There were ten schools present at this lunch and 19 award winners, including two from the BSM Junior High. “It’s a great opportunity to recognize them as leaders in their school community,” Associate Director of Admissions Ms. Betsy Van Cleve Stiegler said.

The luncheon lasted from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the library, which was festively decorated for the occasion with red and white. “Taher catered [the luncheon], so the cookies were obviously a huge hit for the visiting eighth graders,” Van Cleve Stiegler said.

During the luncheon, Dr. Skinner did a presentation and read specific biographies about each of the students, who also received a certificate. Afterward, there were opportunities for the future BSM students and their families to take tours around BSM.

Many people were at the luncheon, including the students, their families, and administrators from their schools. Also, some members of the student body at BSM were invited, since a number of them went to the selected Catholic schools. The students selected are also currently involved in the Student Ambassadors Program at BSM. “It’s a good opportunity for BSM to be represented at all of these tables [and] for us to have someone who is an advocate for BSM in case these families have any questions about the student experience,” Van Cleve Stiegler said.

This selective group of students is not only celebrated for their leadership, but they are also given a scholarship for their education at BSM. “If they decide to come to BSM next year, they receive $1,000 to go towards their tuition here at BSM, not only their freshman year but also their sophomore year as well,” Van Cleve Stiegler said.

This event was a significant experience for many of the eighth graders, as they were not only recognized and celebrated by their own school but by BSM, a local high school. Hopefully, these students can lead the future with their leadership and good works.