Senior class gives back to Partner Resources Inc.


Ginny Lyons

People from PRI collect recycling for BSM and have their own work area. This year’s senior class is remodeling this area for its class gift.

Nick Bolin, Staff Writer

As the date of graduation nears, the senior class prepares to leave its mark upon the school. The senior class selected a recipient for the annual senior gift: Partner Resources, Inc., or PRI for short. PRI is an organization that helps to create connections between the community and people with developmental issues. The goal of the project is to revamp the workspace of PRI workers at BSM in order to make it more suitable.“They’re here all week, so they spend some time back there. The goal is to get some comfy office chairs, a speaker, a cabinet, a mat, and a big bulletin board, to spiff it up back there,” social studies teacher and senior gift advisor Megan Kern said.

Benilde – St. Margaret’s has been working with PRI for approximately 15 years now. At BSM, PRI collects recycling on a weekly basis, quietly working hard behind the scenes in order to help keep the school clean. “The decision was based on which cause is most deserving of this money and attention. PRI has been a quiet, yet powerful, force that has been a part of the BSM community for many years; this made our decision easy. Also, due to my personal connection with one of the workers of PRI, my cousin, I had a personal drive to help bring this plan to fruition,” senior treasurer Colby Clinton said.

The seniors of student council have been collecting donations, spreading awareness, and eliciting gratitude for what PRI does for BSM on a regular basis. “The best way to [contribute] is to donate what you can. Our initial goal is 700 dollars and that would mean around 5 dollars from every senior. [$]700 should be what we need in order to revamp their workspace,” senior commissioner of activities Amira Carter said.