Students take time to enjoy nature at their cabins


Ginny Lyons

Life at the lake proves to be much more relaxing than the stress of everyday life.

Jack Hendrickson, Staff Writer

Cabins are a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and see the nature around us, and have become a tradition for many Minnesotans. Residents of the Twin Cities and surrounding area love getting away from the city life and enjoying the peace and quiet of nature for the weekend.

Senior Laura Deutz has enjoyed many years at her cabin on Rock Lake in Maple Lake, Minnesota. Her cabin has brought her much closer to nature and the world around her. “I just love getting away from the city life for a little while and living in the peacefulness of nature,” Deutz said.  

Nature seems to be more present at cabins because the animals have larger habitats and higher chances of surviving due to less human intervention. “We have a family of loons on our lake and a few years ago they had two babies. One night an eagle came down and swooped one of babies and then there was just one baby left. My family loves the loons and we all think they are beautiful,” Deutz said.

I just love getting away from the city life for a little while and living in the peacefulness of nature.”

— Laura Deutz


The fishing is great on Rock Lake with an abundance of bass and crappies. “I love bobber fishing and I have caught quite a few bass up at the cabin,” Deutz said. Fishing gives many people peace of mind and teaches them patience.

Senior John Stone has enjoyed his cabin up on the Whitefish Chain since he was born. “I really enjoy going up to my cabin because it’s a time to put all the electronics and distractions in life away and just focus on the nature of the world around us,” Stone said.  

Similar to Deutz, Stone appreciates all of the wildlife he sees at his cabin that he doesn’t have the opportunity to see at home. “I have seen eagles, hawks, loons, otters, beavers, fish, deer, and many more. My favorites are the loons, they are a very pretty and interesting type of bird,” Stone said.

Minnesota is a truly amazing state for cabins and lake houses in part because of the 10,000 lakes that make it famous. “There is just something about the lake life man. It’s awesome and a great way to get away from your everyday routine and just relax,” Stone said. From the water sports and the night games to the fishing and hunting, there are ways for everyone to have fun at a cabin. “When I’m at my cabin I feel like I am always outside enjoying the weather and exploring,” Stone said.  

The nature and wildlife here in Minnesota is never-ending and cabins are an awesome way to take advantage and see these beautiful sights. People with cabins are able to appreciate some peace and quiet and check out the beautiful nature that Minnesota has to offer.