Cosseta’s offers patrons a slice of Italy


Photo courtesy of Michael Hicks

Cossetta’s is a restaurant in downtown St. Paul that is well known for its Italian food and atmosphere.

Aspen Konowalchuk , Staff Writer

In the 1800’s, a man named Michael Cossetta decided to open a little restaurant with a simple goal: to give people the experience of being in Italy without actually be3ing there. He wanted his restaurant to be well known for its great pizza and homemade sauces. With this goal in mind, he opened Cossetta’s in 1911. He didn’t know it at the time, but Cossetta’s would go on to be one of the most popular restaurants in the Twin Cities.

Cossetta’s is located in downtown St. Paul, which makes it a hotspot for many customers. Inside the building there are options to either dine on the main floor or to go upstairs and enjoy a tasty meal there. Along with that, customers also have the option to sit outdoors on a balcony while Italian music plays.

The pasta sauce is to die for, and after one bite, it becomes crave worthy food.”

— Aspen Konowalchuk

Cossetta’s has many Italian options, such as salads and pizzas. Cossetta’s is known for its tortellini, which is some of the best in town. All of the Italian flavors are even more satisfying due to the fact that they are 100% homemade.

If pasta doesn’t sound very satisfying, there are still many more options. Cossetta’s has dozens of delicious sandwiches and pizza, as well as many dessert options. Cossetta’s homemade chocolate cannolis never fail to appetize the taste buds. Other gourmet desserts to try are their homemade chocolate chip cookies, Tiramisu, or Baklava.

There is nothing to complain about at Cossetta’s. Everything there is beyond exceptional. The location is convenient and pretty, outstanding homemade food is offered, and it’s a perfect location no matter what the occasion is.