BSM girls’ diving is reestablished due to talented diver


Morgan Williams

Claire Hennen has made her mark as the only diver representing Benilde-St. Margaret’s

She has made her mark as the only diver representing Benilde-St. Margaret’s. Claire Hennen, an eighth grader, has been working hard and having fun as the lone diver on the girls’ swim and dive team this fall.

Hennen had been a gymnast in the past and is used to the flips and turns of diving. She has been diving since last summer, as she discovered her newfound activity while playing at the pool. She tried it out, and it went really well, so she then decided that diving would be a new activity for her to try at BSM. “We wanted to see if [I] could do diving, because [the school] said that maybe we could train with someone else, and it worked out,” said Hennen.

Due to the low numbers of diving at BSM in the past and Hennen being the only diver this season, she has to practice with another school. ”I am on the BSM swim team, but I practice with the Hopkins Dive Team,” said Hennen.

After school, she travels to Hopkins and trains with their team because there isn’t a specific diving team or coach here at BSM. She doesn’t spend much time with the BSM swim team unless they have a meet together, or when the team goes out to eat, but the girls from Hopkins have been very welcoming and nice to Hennen.

Diving is a fun individual sport for Hennen. She is not afraid of heights, and even though sometimes it’s a little scary and nerve wracking standing at the top of the board, Hennen still enjoys it. Diving can be painful, especially if there is an accidental belly or back flop, but Hennen works through the pain, and eventually perfects her dive. The sport of diving can be very difficult, but it is worthwhile in the end. ”I can feel how [the dive] goes straight in [the water] and it feels really good,” said Hennen.

For goals for her season, Hennen just wants to continue diving and having fun. ”Sometimes it’s weird [to be the only diver at BSM], but sometimes it’s a little bit nice, because then the swimmers all know who I am,” said Hennen.

The experience has been a bit complicated as she is the only girl diver, but it is still worthwhile and fun for her. Hennen plans for a long career in diving and she will hopefully continue to expand her interest and love for it.