iPhone 7 introduces innovative and drastic new changes


Ashley Ortizcazarin

The new iPhone 7 offers users a variety of new features, such as a better camera, no headphone jack, no physical button, and a longer battery life.

Noah Bridges, Guest Writer

Apple has continued its trend of making sleek, innovative phones with its newest addition to the iPhone family: the iPhone 7.  Depending on the consumer’s opinion, the iPhone 7 and 7 plus are either great feats of idiocy, or great feats of innovation (with undeniable boldness being the underlying theme in either opinion).

Apple decided to change up the design of the iPhone for the first time in several years, shocking some users. They removed the headphone jack, not in the name of spiting its customers, but simply to stay in front of the pack of rival companies that inevitably will take the same initially cumbersome plunge. Even the most hardcore “been here since 2007” iPhone users were given pause by this new change.

Before condemning Apple as going too far this time, one should consider the benefits. Without a 3.5 mm wide hole running at least half an inch deep into the phone, there is much more technological real estate to be had. Battery life is the most notable difference, as  it has gone up by two or three hours, even with fairly extensive use throughout the day. Along with a better and larger battery, Apple added a stronger and faster processor.

A lot of the new iPhone’s features are hidden within a familiar body shape, encapsulating the phenomenon of stealth wealth at its best.”

— Noah Bridges

The dual cameras on the iPhone are a big leap in on-the-go-photography. The display of the iPhone looks like a handheld super computer while still keeping the size of a handheld phone, putting it far above previous models.

Tired of homemade rice-bag remedies and clutching aqua-phobia? Those days are over, so long as snorkeling with one’s iPhone isn’t a daily occurrence, in which case no iPhone is recommended. The iPhone 7 is incredibly water resistant; one can stay submerged at three feet of water for 30 minutes without a problem.

There are other new features that complement the iPhone 7. The home button, for instance, is no longer an actual button; it is completely solid and doesn’t move. In its place is technology found in the Apple watches, and newer MacBook trackpads: a very small network of taptic engines and motors that respond instantly to varying degrees of force on the home “button” mimicking the feeling of a click without any actual movement. This is yet another helping hand for water resistance and battery life. Apple has also introduced wireless charging, which eliminates the frustrating wires that often get in the way of users’ mobility.

The iPhone 7 and 7 plus are excellent machines and will absolutely be the lineage that the next generations of smart phones, Apple or otherwise, will follow.

Love it or hate it, Apple is still finding ways to innovate itself in 2016, and that is nothing short of impressive.