BSM kicks off Homecoming Week with coronation


Ashley Oritzcazarin

Homecoming king and queen, seniors Malachi Johnson and Claudia Elsenbast, stand outside BSM after coronation.

Josie Ross, Managing Editor

The exciting festivities of Homecoming Week began when BSM freshmen, sophomore, junior, and seniors classes gathered in the Great Hall for coronation during an extended homeroom.

Each class elected a boy and a girl to represent their grade levels. Representatives included freshmen Coco Wicka and Jack Rigley, sophomores Claire Will and Gary Antonio, and juniors Natalie Kroll and Eric Weber.

The senior class voted 14 boys and girls to represent their class on the Homecoming Court. The senior boys were Nathanael Ashton-Piper, John Boase, Edmund Hoes, Malachi Johnson, Mark Racchini, Carston Swenson, and Eric Wilson. The senior girls were Carrie Bather, Anna Bergsland, Mckenzie Dunleavy, Claudia Elsenbast, Awna Landry, Riley O’Connor, and Cora Wyvell. The elected emcees for the coronation were seniors Tony Kalb and Zip Kaffey.

After the representatives were announced, grades 9-12 voted for whom they wanted to be the Homecoming King and Queen. Malachi Johnson and Claudia Elsenbast were elected by their peers to serve as the Homecoming King and Queen. “It’s definitely an honor to be nominated by my peers for this award, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to represent the Red Knight community as this year’s Homecoming Queen,” Elsenbast said.