The Best Place in the Library


Ginny Lyons

The Library is your oyster, choose wisely.

Mary Youngblut, Staff Writer

You walk in and the world comes to a crashing end. There are only two seats open, one comfy chair that is in the middle of a group of three obnoxious freshmen or the other, a little cubicle all alone. Which do you take? Remember this is a life or death decision. You form a plan: casually meander towards the nearest exit and stroll down the hallway to sit in the commons, completely enveloped in your joy, while you eat cookies. Turns out that’s not an option—you have an essay to write. Have no fear, Knight Errant is here!

The criteria:

  • Study ability

  • Nap ability

  • Conversation ability.



We’ll start with the little cubicles because they are the closest to the door. There are four cubicles with half walls separating you from the rest of the world of friends. They are super user-friendly for when you need to study. They work well when you have work to get done. You also get your own personal table, which is pretty cool. As for easy napping, go for it; however, you might wake up with a little kink in your neck. Those chairs aren’t exactly made for comfort, but you will survive one nap. Lastly, can they uphold a conversation? No, but I mean, who am I to tell you what to do? But seriously no, do not go here if you want to talk to your friends. It will fail, and you will end up in the hall, kicked out of the library because you were yelling across the room. Extroverts be warned.

Verdict: Go to the cubicles if you have stuff to do.



Then the tables. Those are great for when you want to do a group project. When ranking how easy they are to study on, it was found that they are alright if you are working ahead on homework but don’t actually have to get work done. They probably are not so good if you’re trying to do homework, especially if your friends are next to you. With four people to a table, you can see everyone and talk without being too loud or disturbing those around you. Napping is quite ambitious here. You will waste your entire period trying to get comfortable and never actually get the sleep you need.

Verdict: Go to the tables if you have a group project or want to talk.



Now the eight comfy chairs. Need a nap? Go to the theater. Of course sometimes Freshman Friday and Sophomore Sessions will intrude on your personal siesta, but where is the next best place? The comfy chairs. Let’s start from the beginning. Studying here is rough. There isn’t a flat surface for you to work with unless you get one of the two small desks, which are basically too small for any notebook or binder. Even your laptop barely fits. For facilitating a nap, as previously mentioned, they work fantastically. If you can forget about the pencils scrapping paper, keyboards typing and tiny voices from people trying to whisper but failing miserably, you might actually fall asleep. Trying to continue a conversation in these chairs is not laborious, but it’s also not the best place. It’s less private than the tables, but you can still talk to your friends.

Verdict: Napping.

There you have it. The three main seating options in the library have been ranked, and it’s now up to you to decide where you will sit. I am not a puppeteer; you have control of your own body. Where will you sit? My personal winner would be the comfy chairs. You work too hard in every other class to sit at a table during your one free period of the day. They work well with everything except studying. And let’s be honest, we could all use a nap. Go onward and happy napping.