Countdown of the seven best State Fair foods of all time

The State Fair attracts Minnesotans with its many rides, competitions, and activities, but mainly for the food. With that in mind, here’s a countdown of the top ten foods at the State Fair.


Abby Letscher

Minnesotan’s traverse the Midway at dusk at this year’s State Fair, eager to try out new food.

7. Alligator

Bayou Bob’s fresh alligator may be the most exotic delicacy at the State Fair. It comes in many different varieties including deep fried alligator, alligator ribs, and sautéed alligator. The most popular food from Bayou Bob’s, however, is the Cajun Seasoned Alligator Sausage. No matter how exciting the name may sound, the taste is comparable to chicken, but with a little more kick.

6. Deep Fried Pickles

Located right at the entrance to the State Fair, The Perfect Pickle gives many newcomers their first deep fried experience of the fair. The pickles have been cemented as a cult favorite that make the pickle stand a must-stop for fair-goers. However, the sharp taste and uncommon crunchiness of the deep fried pickles distinguish them from the other fried goodies at the fair.

5. Pronto Pup

Maybe one of the more controversial additions to this list, the Pronto Pup to many is the ultimate corn dog. The pronto pup is essentially the cooler, taller, and more attractive older brother of the corn dog. Made with a different batter than a regular corn dog, the Pronto Pup tastes much more thick than its diminutive counterpart. For many, the almost pancake tasting batter is too sweet.

4. Corn Dog

With so many different options to choose from and a much more palatable consistency, the general corn dog barely edges out the Pronto Pup. Don’t worry about finding a corn dog because there are guaranteed to be at least ten in a 100 ft. radius from literally anywhere on the fair grounds (mild exaggeration).

3. All You Can Drink Milk

Made fresh from the cows at the State Fair, the “All You Can Drink Milk” has a creamy and frothy consistency, and easily tastes better and richer than any store-bought milk. What really makes the milk special, though, are the unlimited free refills.

2. Cheese Curds

Minnesota may not be America’s dairyland, but the cheese curds at the State Fair have the perfect ratio  of cheese to breading, so the flavor is never overwhelming. Cheese curds naturally fall into two categories: lightly breaded and heavily breaded. The lightly breaded ones are obviously much flakier, and they melt off the tongue when eating. The heavily breaded ones have a lot more flavor in the breading, but they don’t melt the same way. All curds are not created equal.

1. Sweet Martha’s Cookies

Is this even a question? Sweet Martha’s cookies are consistently the best food at the State Fair because of their striking similarity to grandma’s cookies, assuming your grandma can bake. These cookies come in overflowing buckets and are full of melting and oozing chocolate chips, soft dough, and the perfect heat to be dunked into a fresh glass of milk in which case, see number three.