BSM seniors on the Homecoming Court announced


Ashley Ortizcazarin

(L-R) Front row: Homecoming Queen candidates include Mckenzie Dunleavy, Riley O’Connor, Awna Landry, Claudia Elsenbast, Carrie Bather, Cora Wyvell, Anna Bergsland, and emcee Zip Kaffey. Back row: Homecoming King candidates include Eric Wilson, Malachi Johnson, Edmund Hoes, Nathanael Ashton-Piper, Mark Rachini, Carston Swenson, John Boase, and emcee Tony Kalb.

James Libbey, News Editor

This past week, the graduating class of 2017 cast their vote to decide which classmates would be part of this year’s Homecoming Court. Because of a tie, the top seven students of each gender were chosen for royalty this year. In the oncoming weeks, the entire student body will vote for a senior couple to reign over Homecoming week.

Candidates for Homecoming King are seniors Malachi Johnson, John Boase, Carston Swenson, Mark Rachini, Nathanael Ashton-Piper, Eric Wilson, and Edmund Hoes. Candidates for Homecoming Queen are seniors Claudia Elsenbast, Anna Bergsland, Riley O’Connor, Mckenzie Dunleavy, Cora Wyvell, Carrie Bather, and Awna Landry. Next week, the underclassmen will vote for their two representatives to round off the court. Emcees for Homecoming are seniors Tony Kalb and Zip Kaffey.